Tired of seeing poor workmanship be passed off as normal...
Tired of hearing stories of builders ignoring their obligations...
Tired of feeling frustrated at poorly trained supervisors making mistakes with your home...
We wanted to do our bit to FIX this once & for all!

Brothers, Andrew and Nicolas Del Carlo, have been building high quality custom homes for over 15 years, but… They knew they couldn’t build every house in Perth, so they are now helping customers the same way they’ve helped their friends over the last decade.

They have developed a keen eye for detail & a detailed knowledge of construction codes & practices while running their bespoke building company… armed with this knowledge they set out to increase the quality of EVERY home in Perth… 1 home inspection at a time.

Australian Home Inspections was created out of a sense of purpose…  If your building or buying a home… You deserve to know that your investment is sound.  That you won’t have to be fixing other peoples mistakes.  That your home is SAFE… That is why we are here…

Australian Home Inspections - Team Member Nicolas Del Carlo

Nicolas Del Carlo

Chief Inspector
Nick has 20 years experience designing, building & inspecting high quality new Custom Homes across Perth. He brings a unique blend of skills honed through diverse projects, from unit developments & apartments, to large custom homes. Nick's in-depth knowledge of the construction business, home building and unit development experience gives him an unprecedented working knowledge of the various constructions methods utilised by local builders & the relevant standards & codes applicable to them... His commitment to building trust, honesty, and integrity forms the bedrock of the unparalleled service we provide.

Nick is always available to assist and guide you through the purchase or build of your next home, from your initial home design/builder selection through to project completion & handover. He is always ready to offer the benefits of his experience and emphasis on attention to detail.

When away from the office Nick enjoys spending time with his family, or trekking out into the wilderness for landscape photography. Whether its photographing local beaches at sunset or taking his family on a trip to find those must see destinations, to capture the stunning rare images of the country we live in.

Let us help you protect your investment in your next property purchase